Corner Spring Farm – Born July 2013 to Joel and Marianne Cameron. We named the farm as a result of the many natural springs located in the area.  One particular spring feeds a pond located on the corner of the property hence the name “Corner Spring Farm”. It is our vision to use this beautiful piece of land located on the ridge in Portland, TN, to support and supply local businesses, farmers markets, friends and ourselves.


As we begin our seventh growing season in 2020, we continue to refine the varieties of vegetables we grow yet continue to offer several specialty heirlooms that are exclusive to us from Italy and Greece.  Check out the “What’s Growing in 2020” tab to see what to expect this year.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality produce using organic methods. Our specialties will include several types of heirloom tomatoes, squash, beans, garlic, peas, strawberries, watermelons, cucamelons, sunchokes, potatoes, a wide collection of greens and kales along with several other seasonal favorites.  We look forward to supporting our local community and welcome suggestions and feedback so that we can continuously improve on making our dream a long term reality.



Corner Spring Farm is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, naturally grown local produce.


As stewards of the land, we feel that the ground is our best friend and adding anything unnatural can affect both the quality and taste of our produce.  We are growing our varieties using organic products and natural methods to enhance production yet not to compromise what is absorbed by the plant.  


We are using organic materials such as worm castings, composted and locally sourced horse manure and only OMRI certified control agents as well as practicing sustainable measures such as crop rotation and the use of multiple cover crops. We will be sourcing these items from local companies to continue the chain of supporting local. 


409 Northup Road

Portland, TN



Naturally Grown,

Locally Fresh.

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