Detroit Dark Red and Red Ace –  Round dark red 3” roots with tender sweet flesh. Medium tops are good for greens.

Touchstone Gold Beet – Vibrant yellow to golden, smooth, globe-shaped roots with a flavor that is mild, sweet and delicious.

Yukon Gold Potato -  Yukon Gold potatoes are an early bearing variety.  Even when cooked the Yukon Gold potato will retain its signature golden hue with a rich buttery flavor.

Adirondack Blue Potato - This unique potato has deep blue skin and flesh and, unlike other varieties, will keep its color when boiled. Adirondack Blue potatoes are perfect for boiling, baking, and mashing, adding beautiful, bold color to your meals!

Red Pontiac Potato - Produces solid tubers with thin red skin, shallow eyes and crisp white flesh. Stores well.

Red and White Candy Onion -  Beautiful onions with remarkable sweetness.

Turmeric -  (Red Hawaiian) What has been well known for its spice is now highly regarded for its fantastic health benefits.  The Red Hawaiian is know to be the best tasting turmeric variety.

Hardneck Garlic and Leeks  –  German White and Music Hardneck Garlic and Lancelot Leeks

Sunchoke - (Jerusalem Artichoke) The Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial sunflower grown for its potato-like tubers, which are tender with a sweet, nutty flavor, and enjoyed raw or cooked.

Turnips- (Purple Top and Hakueri) Mild flavor root vegetable. Greens can also be used.

Radishes- (Assorted Varieties) Spring, Summer and Fall

Carrots- (Assorted Varieties) Spring and Fall


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