Heirloom Varieties

Brandywine Pink- An 1885 heirloom variety with beautiful pink fruits.  Classic heirloom flavor and the top seller for us last year.

Brandywine Yellow- Large beefsteak heirloom both sweet and acidic.  Excellent flavor.

Cherokee Purple- "Tennessee Heirloom" Mild flavored brick red flesh, handed down generation to generation from Cherokee farmers. A local favorite.

Pineapple- With lovely yellow-orange skin and flesh mottled and streaked with red, this heirloom beefsteak weighs in at 1-2 lb. Heavy fruits bring superb, sweet, low-acid flavor to salads and sandwiches.

Lillian's Yellow Heirloom- "Tennessee Heirloom" Magnificent, clear-yellow, globe-shaped fruits of the beefsteak-type, weighing up to 16 oz. each with a mild flesh so rich in flavor. This is a local heirloom from Manchester, Tennessee.

Garden Peach Heirloom-  A unique heirloom tomato, Garden Peach was reputedly introduced to US gardens in the 1860s. The small, velvety-skinned 2-3 oz. fruits have a rich full flavor.

Determinate Varieties

Red Deuce- This red variety averages around 10 oz matures to a deep red color with great acidic taste.

Italian and Greek Heirloom Varieties

San Marzano-An Italian Heirloom Plum Tomato with a hollow center and very few seeds.  The flesh is meaty and intense, a Chef's favorite.

Umberto- A very old Italian Heirloom brought back from extinction and named after King Umberto I, King of Italy in the late 19th century.  These meaty morsels have a nice balance of sweet and tart, with full "Old World" tomato flavor.  Great for paste, sauce or drying as well as sliced into salads or eaten fresh.

Santorini- These seeds were sourced directly from Santorini, Greece. An abbot of the Capuchin monastery in Ano Syros (Cyclades) brought the first cherry tomatoes to Greece in 1818. The variety of tomato began to be regularly cultivated in 1875. This variety has been found to have more ascorbic acid (another name for Vitamin C) and more soluble phenols. It has also been shown to contain the largest amount of lycopene in any known fruit or vegetable.

Other Varieties

Red and Golden Grape Tomatoes- These varieties are larger than most cherry tomatoes yet just as sweet.  Perfect for salads or snacking.

Chocolate Cherry - This cherry tomato is approximately 1" around and boasts that rich tomato acidity.  One of the best cherry tomatoes grown.

Sungold- The beautiful golden-orange fruits are grown in large clusters. The flavor develops early so this little tomato is great for snacking.


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